Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fireworks: "They're So Beautiful!"

On Sunday, we took Nick to see the fireworks in Plainfield. Last year, we got rained out at the Lisle Eyes to the Skies Festival, so we opted for something a little more tame.

Nick loved it! He was very excited, but he didn't quite understand what fireworks were when we told him we were going. I had to show him a video on YouTube. Then he was really eager to go. But first, we had to have dinner. Nick kept asking when it was time for fireworks.

Then he did a happy dance, right there at the restaurant.

I'm glad we went to the (free) Plainfield festival, because they had all of the cool trucks and equipment out. Nick was entranced. He had a very difficult time waiting his turn in line, but he did wait. I had to keep telling him, "It's almost our turn. Good waiting."

He loved sitting in the firetruck.

I think he liked the big lawnmower better, though. He is big into lawnmowers--one of his favorite toys is a plastic lawnmower. Perhaps my child has a future in lawn maintenance.

But the highlight of the evening was, of course, the fireworks display. Henry, of course, slept peacefully through the whole thing, but Nick was very aware. He narrated the entire display, as in: "That's a big one!" "They're so beautiful!" "These are fireworks!"

"Pretty!" "It's dark!" "Look at that!" I wish, now, that I'd gotten him on video talking. It was pretty funny, because he had a comment about every single explosion. All in all, it was a pretty good first fireworks experience for Nick. I wonder if he'll remember it next year. . .


  1. That's funny...sometimes it's hard not to say something about every explosion, isn't it though? Lol. He is looking very 'big'.

  2. Yup. Nick's my "big boy" now. I was putting his socks on the other day and I couldn't believe how big his feet were. He has giant flintstone feet. (Very square and flat, you know.)