Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Special Cupcakes With News for Big Brothers

Recently, we brought home some special cupcakes for Nick and Henry. Check out their reaction.

We waited quite awhile to tell the boys, and this was the most fun way I could find. I called up Smallcakes in Naperville, and even on short notice, they were able to custom-make these cupcakes for the boys. Nick's cupcake says "Big Brother Again," and Henry's says "Big Brother." Each one really did have pink cream inside. Henry still had the flu in this video, so you can probably tell from his eyes that he wasn't in tip top shape.

Yes, it's true. I am 14 weeks pregnant today. Now that I've hit the second trimester, I feel a little more comfortable letting people know. Greg and I are expecting a little girl this fall. After three years of fertility treatments, IVF, surgeries, and countless injections, we are very excited. She is healthy and exactly the right size so far, and all of the genetic tests came up normal. Because we did IVF with PGD testing, we knew the sex of the embryo before it was ever implanted, and the blood tests confirmed the gender.

Later this week, I will do a pregnancy update with more of the details. When I was pregnant with Henry, I did monthly pregnancy updates. These may or may not be of interest to anyone else, but I sure find them helpful to remember an important time in my life.

Nick is absolutely thrilled to be having a sister, and he greets my belly every morning with a pat and a, "Hi, Sister!" Henry isn't quite sure what to think yet. I think the reality hasn't set in yet. He asked me the other day, "Are you sure there's a sister in there?"

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