Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Nick's 7th Birthday!

It's hard to believe, but Nicholas turned 7 today. I picked up an Oreo cake to celebrate, and it was super sweet!

For his birthday, Nick asked for music lessons. We signed him up for a weekly exploratory class where he's trying out guitar, keyboard, vocals, and drums. He likes them all, but he really likes drums. Sigh. Of course he does.

I have to say, with direction (at least during class), he didn't sound too bad.

Now, his garbage can drum reportoire needs a bit of work, but that's okay.

We got Nick his own set of drumsticks. He spent a good hour outside this afternoon playing the drums on these overturned garbage cans. Oh yes, he will be playing in the garage. I'm not totally nuts.

Oreo cake and some, ahem, interesting music on a Tuesday night. Not too shabby for a young man's 7th birthday.

Henry kept trying to steal the Oreos off the top of the cake.

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