Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pumpkin Carving!

On Saturday we decided to carve our pumpkins. Okay, Greg helped the boys carve their pumpkins. I took pictures and gave color commentary.

Nick's pumpkin had a really long stem, though Henry's was somewhat fatter. Both pumpkins had plenty of pumkin guts, though.

Henry has kind of a tradition of putting the pumpkin top on his head like a hat.

Nick did it, too.

They both loved touching and playing with the gooey goop.

I think Greg did a nice job carving them.

As traditions go, this is a pretty messy one, but the boys remember from year to year. Henry told me, "We have to take pictures out on the porch with our pumpkins!"

So we did.  :)

Halloween is almost here! Can you see all the decorations Henry made with window markers? Those are his "spooky drawings."

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