Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Fourth of July 2015

Hey, it's only a week later, and here I am with pictures.  :)  

This year, we decided to go to the Lisle Eyes to the Skies Festival on the Fourth. Thank goodness, it didn't rain for once.

We picked out a perfect spot at the top of the hill. Nice view of the whole event, or so we thought, and just a short walk to the drink and food tents.

Barbeque. Yum.

It wasn't too hot or too cold, and we had a nice comfy spot. Grandma Toni had her comfy chair, and there was plenty of yummy carnival food, though there were astronomically long lines.

We ended up splitting the difference, food-wise. I waited in line for drinks and fries, and Greg waited for the barbeque.

The best part for the boys? Rolling down the back of the hill, then climbing back up and rolling down. (over and over again)

Henry was also really into climbing this tree at the top of the hill.

He's a decent climber, though he often needs a hand up to get started. He was loving being way up in the tree. . .

. . . at least until he saw a spider, and then he totally freaked out and wanted to come down. Henry does not like spiders. He does like balloons, though--especially Angry Birds Balloons.

The one thing I was very excited about was the balloon glow. I'd seen it before, back in 2013. The boys were not quite so into the balloon glow.

Nick did not like the noise of the balloons firing up, which I had forgotten from our 2013 visit. Henry didn't mind the noise, but he was hyper-focused on going on a ride at the carnival (which did not happen).

The balloon glow was pretty awesome, even over the whining.

Pretty soon it was time to head back to our hill for the fireworks.

I had thought ahead and bought glow bracelets from a discount store, so that we didn't get suckered into paying triple the price. The boys loved the glow bracelets, necklaces, and glasses.

When the fireworks started, we immediately realized that our "perfect" spot on the hill had trees blocking the entire fireworks show. Thankfully, the people in front and to the sides of us scooted over so we could see better. Considering this was the regular fireworks show (the giant one had been on the 3rd), we thought it was pretty decent.

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