Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Look who turned 4 today!

I can hardly believe it! Henry had his 4th birthday today! He was pretty excited, especially when his daddy let him pick out his own cake.

Yup. He picked a tiramisu cake. Nick insisted that it was a frappucino cake, because it tastes just like the frappucinos he likes to steal from me.

Actually, he wasn't too far off--it does have a nice coffee taste. We let the boys stay up until I got home tonight so we could all celebrate together.

I asked Henry for his feelings about turning four. Here's what he said. . .

After cake, I let the boys do some dancing before bed. Lately, we've been using a site called GoNoodle.com for dancing fun. The boys would do the dances at this site for hours if I let them! Nick's pretty smooth on the trampoline, I think. For a four-year-old, though, Henry has some amazing moves. Both of them want me to sign them up for a hip-hop dance class in the fall.

Birthday dancing for my boys? Not a bad way to end the evening.  :)

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