Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hoppy Easter Festival at Safety Town

I was wandering around online this morning as I drank my coffee, looking up things to do with the kids. Since Greg works all day Saturday, I have the kids all to myself, and I try to get them out of the house as much as possible. Today I was delighted to find out that Safety Town in Naperville was having their first annual Hoppy Easter Festival.

Do they look excited? Even though we had to wait in line to get in, the boys were thrilled to finally visit Safety Town. We've driven past it many times but I've never caught a day when they were open.

When we got to the front door, they had real baby chicks to pet.

The Easter Bunny was also available for pictures. I think next year I'll forego the $23 mall picture and just go here instead. They were more patient with the boys and got a better picture, and this whole event only cost $7 plus a food donation.

This festival also had real bunnies! I guess they had quite a few of them, and they rotated them out so that no one bunny got to freaked out. The bunnies actually seemed quite mellow.

Henry did not want to leave this bunny. I think he wanted to take him home. 

So, this is what Safety Town looks like. There were people standing with big boxes of candy (and promotional materials), kind of like trick-or-treating.

 Then, there were a number of people walking around pretending to be participants, and then they'd randomly drop eggs. There were eggs already hidden around Safety Town as well.

All of the kids quickly figured out which people were the "egg-droppers" and stalked them all over Safety Town. Nick was very, very good at this. He has quite the eye for detail, and I have no idea how he found all the eggs in our bag. I was looking, too, and I'd see him run off and not be able to figure out where each egg was until he'd pop up with one in his hand.

Nick is very serious about his egg-hunting. Henry is only serious about suckers. 

Henry had a more lofty goal--knocking on every single door in Safety Town to see if someone was home. One thing I don't understand is why you'd build so many cool little houses and not let the kids walk around in any of them. It seems kind of counter-intuitive to me. Couldn't they just have made one or two nice on the inside so kids could play in them?

Mommy, no one is home in this one, either.  Let's try the one next door.

If bunnies and chicks weren't enough, this festival also boasted a bear in swimming trunks. I believe he is the mascot of a swimming school down by the mall. I didn't "get" the swim trunks at first, either.

The trees were all decked out with pastel accessories, and I asked Nick how he thought the tree got that way. "Um, it grew up from the ground like that," he replied. I had to correct his misconceptions about plant life.

Henry liked the rainbow pinwheels and kept trying to steal them right out of the ground. He did this surreptitiously, as if no one would notice him walking around with one of these.

Nick let me take a picture, but only for long enough to stuff candy into his mouth. Then he ran after some more eggs.

Running was something that both boys did. By the time I got home, they passed out and slept for three hours straight!

This afternoon, the kids are reenacting the egg hunt in our house. All of those empty eggs came in handy!

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