Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Daredevils at the Playground

Going to the playground lately really gets my heart rate up, and not because I'm doing any climbing myself.

This picture was taken last weekend, when no snow covered the ground and sunny skies prevailed.

My guys learn more about climbing just about every week. We play a little game called "park hopping." I drive around looking for the coolest parks, and we try a new one nearly every time. This one was one of my favorites, so far.

Henry scares me with his climbing ability and lack of fear. Check out how high he climbed!

I was scared the first time he did this, but Henry proceeded to climb up and down this entire structure at least five times. No fear for this little man!

If you're wondering about Nick's shirt, the answer is yes. Nick is indeed wearing a t-shirt with Darth Vader playing on  a swing set. I couldn't resist it. Oh, and remember how I've said Henry didn't like the swings? He changed his mind just last week. He loves swings now. I'm not sure what brought about this particular change, but Henry's happy about it.

I love this picture because Nick is on a swing set wearing a t-shirt of Darth Vader on a swing set. The only thing would be cooler would be if Darth Vader was wearing a t-shirt of someone else on a swing set. Nick was very pleased at himself, and he did understand why I thought his t-shirt was perfect for a day at that park. He asked me if they made one with Darth Vader on a slide. I told him I haven't seen one yet, but I'd be on the lookout.

We'll definitely be visiting this particular park again. The boys got a kick out of this hippopotamus, which is decorated with an explanation of its body parts in three languages. Super-cool!

Here's some Henry joy as he was swinging. I'm hoping the weather improves so we can get in more park time soon.

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