Thursday, January 19, 2012

Banana Pancakes for Dinner

Every once in awhile, it's kind of nice to have breakfast for dinner. Tonight, I made banana pancakes, along with scrambled eggs and bacon. Just the kind of dinner that works on a cold winter night.

I let Henry try one, cut into small bites, of course. The doctor says that he is old enough to eat little bites of food. Henry heartily agrees!

He ended up eating nearly an entire pancake. Henry's joy over every bite makes me smile. It also made me enjoy my pancakes even more.

Nick liked the pancakes, too. He was sneaking bites while I was still at the frying pan. Then he danced for Henry's dinnertime entertainment.

I hear that snow is coming again tomorrow. I'm glad I'll have some leftover banana pancakes to fortify me against the windchill and the snowy weather. 

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