Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nick's Rock Concert

On Sunday Nick played the drums in a concert with his band. They've named themselves the "Smooth Criminals" for this concert--his second with Rock 101 at School of Rock in Plainfield.

Nick got all dressed up in his "rock star" clothes. He had a shirt with a guitar on it and a leather jacket. Oh, and his "Nick's Sticks" personalized drumsticks, of course. Henry wore his leather jacket, too, though the only sticks he had were the pretzel sticks he was munching on.

The crowd was as enthused as any group of parents cheering for their kids would be, and the kids have improved since their last concert, at least IMHO.

This is Nick on the mini-kit playing "Twist and Shout." I love that I can hear his drum in particular playing.  :)

Here he is on the big drums playing "Judy is a Punk," by the Ramones.

For "Bad Moon Rising," Nick got to play the tambourine. Yes, they are playing CCR.

Nick doesn't limit himself to drumsticks. . . Oh, no. He can rock bongo drums as well.

He has been practicing SO hard lately. Nick actually broke a drum head about a week ago. His drum instructor said he had the beats down for the concert songs, so he's been teaching him more and more stuff each week. I'm just happy that I can now recognize the beats coming from our basement.

I can't wait to hear what they'll play next time! They even had a concert poster!

Rock on, Nick!

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