Sunday, October 30, 2016

Carving Green Pumpkins and a Halloween Party with the Cub Scouts

So why, you ask, do we have green pumpkins this year? I suppose that's what happens when you wait until October 30th to go and get pumpkins. These are the best that Greg could find. Good thing green is Henry's favorite color!  :)

Happily, carving green pumpkins is actually less messy than carving their riper brothers. Nick was actually disappointed that there wasn't as much "gook" as usual--running his hands through that stuff is one of his favorite parts of pumpkin carving.

I think their green spooky pumpkins turned out pretty cool, thanks to Greg's superior carving skills. They look pretty scary!

I think Nick was trying to look scary in the above picture.

On Saturday the boys attended their first Cub Scout Halloween Party. Decorating pumpkins was on the agenda--with glue, felt, and glitter!

Glitter is a favorite of Henry's. Me? Not so much. That stuff lasts forever and gets everywhere!

Henry was especially excited about his finished pumpkin.

Look behind Nick and his pumpkin with many eyes--do you see the fortress of cups? They had such a good time building with them that I bought a whole new set of plastic cups for building at home.

They also used nerf guns to shoot down some styrofoam pumpkins. Sounds like the perfect Cub Scout activity for a Halloween Party!


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