Saturday, February 27, 2016

An Hour With Henry

Each week Henry and I get a whole hour to spend together while Nick is having his music lesson. Henry doesn't like to wait--he wants to stay busy. What can you do with your mommy if you are a four-year-old and you only have an hour? Quite a bit, it seems. You can go to consignment shops and try on scarves.

You can sit on quaint old furniture.

You can eat giant chocolate-chip covered donuts! (Henry's favorite)

We brought a donut for Nick to have after his lesson. It was only fair.

If you have time after donuts, you can also visit the library and play with the toys in the children's section.

If you're feeling brave, you can pretend to check out imaginary books like a grown-up.

If you're cool like Henry, you can show off your leather jacket, penguin t-shirt, and sneakers. Oh, and when your mommy asks you to smile, you can roll your eyes like a teenager and give her this look:

Finally, you can peek in and see your older brother's drum lesson.

I find myself looking forward to this hour each week. Henry and I have visited the children's resale shop and found cool t-shirts. We've also gotten yummy meats at the butcher shop and ice cream sandwiches at the tea shop. Once, the bakery even had Oreo Donuts.

Henry and I enjoy killing time while Nick is "killing it" on the drums.

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