Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013: Indianapolis City Market

 We were very hungry by the time we made it to Indianapolis. Before our trip, I had downloaded a few helpful apps onto my new iphone5, including the Yelp app. I have a sensitive stomach, and good food is often hard for me to find on the road. As we approached Indianapolis, I found a place called 3 Days in Paris that sounded pretty good. Greg and I both love crepes. What we didn't know is that this place was located inside the City Market.

Honestly, I didn't even know that Indianapolis had a city market. A few years back, Greg and I took a trip to Milwaukee, and discovered their Public Market. Now, the one in Indianapolis wasn't quite as impressive, but the building was gorgeous and the food delightful.

Grandma Toni liked the crepes as well. 

I love the concept of a public open market with many vendors. I especially loved the stairs at this one.

The pattern was gorgeous.

The best thing about 3 Days in Paris was the way you can watch them make the crepes. They did it just like I remember from Paris.

They had both sweet and savory crepes, and both were very yummy. We had a Blue Moo crepe and a summertime crepe with a yummy fruit and lemony filling. Here's my Yelp Review of the place.

Henry liked the Nutella crepes the best. No surprise there.

Nick liked running around the 2nd floor and looking down over the railings.

Indianapolis was a nice place to take a break, and we loved the City Market. We weren't exactly eager to get back to the car, but destiny was calling. Or, at least, our hotel reservation at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky.

Part I: Journey to Indianapolis

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