Friday, February 22, 2013

Moo to you too, sir!

I took the boys to the HomeGoods in Naperville tonight. Like me, they are quite interested in deals. Or the toys that can be found on the clearance rack. Either way. Anyhow, do you know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? I don't know about a thousand, but I can tell quite the story about this shot I took with my cellphone.

It was just your normal evening of shopping. I had found a new broom on sale with pretty flowers printed on it (only $7.99!) and Nick was pretending it was the mast of a ship, and that our cart was sailing on the ocean. (He can be quite imaginative, when he's not running around screaming.)

As I walked down the aisle, Henry started pointing and shouting, "Moo!" very loudly. He was clearly excited, almost trying to crawl out of the cart. It took me a minute to figure out why he was saying, "Moo!"

Did you figure it out yet? Yup. Henry was pointing to the camel. This made me laugh out loud. You see, Henry's speech therapist has been trying to get Henry to learn and say his animal sounds. She said that animal sounds are a great way to get kids forming beginning speech sounds, and that they are some of the easiest words to say in the English language. Henry will say "Muh-key" for monkey, and "Molly" for our cat (whose name is, indeed, Molly). He even says "cah" for cow. But he doesn't like to say the animal sounds as much. The only one he does is monkey. He'll say, "Ooh-eee-ahh-ahh." Until tonight, I'd never heard him say another animal sound. But this "Moo!" was loud and clear.

I love this picture of Henry because of the look on his face. His hat is pulled down low, reminiscent of gangster-style (except for the choo-choo train) and his expression clearly says, "What? It's a cow if I say it is!" We passed by this particular camel a number of times, and darned if he didn't say, "Moo!" every single time.

Even Nick started saying, "Moo!" and I asked Nick what noise he thought a camel made. "Nick, do you remember when we rode the camel? What noise did he make?" Nick replied, "I don't think it made a noise. I made noises on the camel, though." I sighed and said, "Yes, Nick. You make noises almost all the time!"

I did look it up on YouTube, which is where I do most of my important research, and it appears Henry was right. A camel's noise, does, indeed, sound very like "Moo!" Kudos to Henry.

On a side note, the reason I've been digging around in every TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, and Marshalls in the area is because I found these bowls, and I love the pattern. It's called 222 Fifth Lyria Teal, and I could only find the cereal bowls and the dessert bowls. I am looking for the plates, too.

I was looking for plates, and I found a camel and a broom. Not a bad night, all things considered.  ;)

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