Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter 2010

Nick had a spectacular Easter last Sunday. Between all of the presents from his grandparents playing bunny, the yummy goodies, and the plastic eggs filled with animal crackers, he was in a pretty good mood for most of the day. 


Easter egg hunting was a hit for Nick as well. I love the look of sheer determination on his face (above) as he headed for the eggs. Figuring out what to do in a matter of minutes, Nick headed off across the backyard in search of his prey. He had quite an audience, too--he was the only child, so all of the eggs were for him, lucky boy.

The only problem Nicholas had was that the basket kept dumping over and the eggs would fall out. Then he would collect them again, looking mildly confused as to how more eggs had appeared. Theoretically, his egg hunt could've lasted forever.

Now, when Nicholas figured out that there were animal cookies inside of the eggs, the fun really started. Notice above how Tigger and Nick are both scraping the bottom of the basket at the same time. Tigger (my mom's dog) figured out about the cookies at exactly the same time. So I guess Nick did have some competition after all.

My mom crocheted Nick this adorable little bunny and a new blanket for his crib. He loves the blanket because it has little holes in it and he can put his toes in the holes. His Grandma Toni got him an adorable summer outfit and some rice krispie treats--one was shaped like a bunny. He loved the rice krispie treats, but was confused by the Peeps. I don't believe he understood that they are food. I, for one, adore Peeps. I like them best when partially stale. I used to buy them and cut open the packages, then eat them after a week. Strange, I know.  Nick's Auntie Mandy got him some cotton candy, and I'm waiting a little bit for him to try that. I think he'll love it. She may want to be there when he tries it, because she can take pictures of the mess.  :)  Then she can help clean him up.

Nick just loves the birdie fan pull on his Grandpa Ray's fan. Everytime he goes over there, he likes to reach for the birdie. Everytime Nick sees a ceiling fan now, he says, "Birdie," even when there isn't a bird on the fan pull. I guess he wishes there was one.

We really wanted my sister to take a nice family picture of the three of us. These are the nicest of the bunch. It is very hard to get Nick to stay still and smile. I think the second one, that wasn't posed, turned out nicer and has all three of us in it. That can count as a family shot, right? My sister really took some great pictures, anyway, even when Nick wouldn't cooperate.

I'm going to end with this picture because it looks like Nick is taking a bow. "Thank you everyone, the show is over.  All of the eggs have been collected."

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  1. she must have a really nice camera...the pics at the end are marvelous...hope you had a nice easter. i actually got out of dyeing eggs this year, we were busy and ben didn't notice we didn't do it. Oops. I'm a bad