Friday, September 25, 2015

The Strange Tale of the Double Bicycle. . .

Henry has really been enjoying preschool lately. He's blossomed in about the last month, and he is now identifying letters and numbers and recognizing them all over the place. Today in the Costco he noticed giant letters on the heating system (up on the ceiling) and read them all to me.

They now sell light saber popsicles--a brilliant marketing move.

He also actually sat for a good half hour yesterday with his Grandma Toni and practiced tracing and writing his name. I was impressed at his stamina if not his penmanship.

He's getting closer, I think. 

Earlier this week Henry came home from school with an interesting story about a bicycle built for two and a random injury.

We weren't sure whether to believe him or not.

I love when Henry says, "I found out that I do have a nurse!" Nick goes to the nurse at his school for snack, and Henry has been telling us his school doesn't have one. Well, he was wrong!

We never did figure out if Henry was telling the truth or if the tale was partially made up. At one point, he told us that they were riding backwards because it was backwards day at school. (That's also why Henry's shirt is on backwards.) Ahh, well. His communication skills are improving, that's for sure. It does seem quite a stretch that they would encourage the children to ride backwards--I bet that was on their own initiative.

He still makes bigger messes than any boy I've ever known. Last week we were at a party and Henry decided to go around the back of the house and jump into a deep mud puddle. No regrets, either. After I got him cleaned up and we talked, his only regret was that I caught him before he could "paddle" in the muddy water

This is Henry's pouty face. 

That's my boy! Lest you think I'm ignoring my other boy, please stay tuned for an update on Nick's shenanegans.

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