Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Table Games at Lalo's

As promised, here is Nick playing peekaboo with a corn tortilla. He actually loved the corn tortillas, and the beans, and the chips. Lately, his favorite word is "Eat!," announced while pointing at his mouth.

We were eating at Lalo's, a Mexican Restaurant right by Fox Valley Mall in Aurora. This is definitely not Nick's first time there, though. Actually, he went to Lalo's when he was less than a week old. I remember that I had an appointment with the lactation consultant, and we stopped for dinner after the appointment. Our waitress and the hostess exclaimed over how tiny he was. He's not so tiny anymore. 

I was trying to figure out what he was pointing at. It was my iced tea. Nick loves it, and keeps trying to sneak a sip whenever he can. "Tea. Tea. Tea!," he'll cry when he sees me taking a drink.

The food was pretty authentic, at least from our gringo perspective. I especially like the chicken soup they serve before the meal. The salsa was a little spicy for Mr. Nick, though, who squealed when he tasted it.

I'm not sure why Nick is shrieking with joy in the picture above, but I love the look of pure happiness on his face. I'm very glad I ended up with such a happy kid. It makes us enjoy the simple things.

When all of the tortillas were eaten, Nick decided that the container they were in would make a great hat. He put it on his head, and then on mine. Yes, he is silly. But easily entertained.

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